Naomi - Realistic Sex Toys for Men

Naomi - Realistic Sex Toys for Men

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Naomi is a realistic sex doll, she is the goddess in the hearts of most men.
Her smile is very warm and seems to have the ability to heal people's hearts.
With a warm smile, his eyes are bright, like a ray of light shining into the dark night.
Sweet, cute, clean and pure, like spring buds. Have you been infected by her bright smile?

Height 100cm 110cm 125cm
Upper bust 57cm 56cm 62cm
Under bust 38cm 38cm 45cm
Waist 36cm 36cm 39cm
Hip 58cm 59cm 61cm
Neck 21cm 22cm 25cm
Arm length 39cm 41cm 49cm
Leg length 25cm 29cm 37cm
Foot length 13cm 14cm 16cm
Net weight 11.8kg 12.8kg 13.6kg
Depth of the mouth 11cm 11cm 11cm
Depth of the vagina 14cm 14cm 14cm
Depth of the anus 12cm 12cm 12cm
Gross weight 12.2kg 13.3kg 18kg
Package size 92*30*22cm 97*30*22cm 113*30*22cm

Package include:
1* Sexy Love Doll
1* Wig
1* Clothes(Sexy Lingerie, sent at random)
1* Cleaning Pot

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