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To Sex Doll Beginner

Well, you hear about sex doll and want to buy one, but you have no idea how to proceed. You’ve heard of TPE and silicone, but you don’t really know the difference, and you don’t exactly know where to start. Sex doll is so lifelike and amazing. There are so many pretty faces, shapes and sizes to select. We’re dedicated to giving you a basic guide to purchase sex doll so that you know what and how to focus even if you’re inexperienced.

Next: Enquires
Do you support discreet shipping?
No taxes/ freights caused when importing the doll?
Will it be shipped to my address?
How long will it take to get to me?
Should I handle the customs clearance by myself?
Is it legal to ship to my city?

Till you feel you have learn much enough on the service policies from sex doll vendors.

Then, Comparison
What kinds of real sex dolls exist, what is the difference of them?
Silicone sex doll: Real enough, high-cost, easy cleaning. Less sensitive to heat.
TPE sex doll: Softer and more realistic, cheaper, less maintenance. Easy heating.

Sex dolls are essentially meant to pleasure a man who wants to be penetrated as real as possible. Unlike other sex toys, cheap sex dolls have a complete set of lifelike sexual organs (oral, anal, vagina). They can also be used with boobs and butts that exactly get the heart rate rising or the blood pumping.

6 Reasons Why You Choose SexRealDoll

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Privacy Protection
Your order information would not be known by the third party. The neutral packing is required. No product details, no company name on the shipping label.

Safe & Complete order system   
Tracking your order status any time

Transaction Security
Account security guarantee is necessary. All credit cards via PayPal  is applicable.

Reliable Courier  
We are working with FedEx, UPS for the moment. Tracking your shipment any time, get the exact delivery date.