Charlene - Lifelike Life Size Adult TPE Sex Doll

Charlene - Lifelike Life Size Adult TPE Sex Doll

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Charlene - Lifelike Life Size Adult TPE Sex Doll
It is said that in the world of adults, there is no word "easy", and you have to queue up to vent your emotions.
At work, when you encounter problems, you must find a way to solve them;
in life, when your child cries, you must find a way to amuse them;
In front of your parents, when you need to take care of them, you must try your best to respond to your needs.
You can't cry with the child when the child is crying, let alone cry when the parents need you.
Only after all this is settled, can I find time to vent my emotions.
Why not try bringing Charlene home, the perfect listener, to whom you can pour out and let off steam.

Key Features
* Material: TPE
* Height: 4ft6/4ft8/5ft2/5ft5 (Refer to Size Guide for further info.)
* Skeleton: Steel Skeleton with movable joints

Doll Measurements
* Upper Bust: 26.37in(67cm)
* Lower Bust: 19.29in(49cm)
* Waist: 17.32in(44cm)
* Hip: 29.53in(75cm)
* Arm Length: 21.26in(54cm)
* Palm Length: 5.51in(14cm)
* Leg Length: 14.96in(38cm)
* Foot Length: 6.89in(17.5cm)
* Net Weight: 58.42lbs(26.5KG)
* Package weight: 60.19lbs(27.3KG)
* Packing Size: 46.85in*13.39in*10.24in(119*34*26cm)

Hole Depth (how deep each of her holes are)
* Oral Depth: 5.12in(13cm)
* Vaginal Depth: 6.3in(16cm)
* Anal Depth: 4.72in(12cm)

Package include
* Sexy Love Doll x 1
* Wig x 1
* Clothes(Sexy Lingerie, sent at random) x 1
* Cleaning Pot x 1

Shipping Information
* America, Europe, United Kingdom, Canada, Russia Local Warehouse Free Shipping
* 100% Discreet Shipping by a blank carton without product name and brand

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