Many people think that realistic sex doll is the sexual tool we usually use to solve sexual problems, but for those who are lonely, it is their spiritual comfort, so some people may consider real doll makeup skills. In this way, they can make their dolls more exquisite.

First of all, if we really want to master the sex real doll makeup skills, we search on the Internet is also clear. In the preparation of the material, we must first clean the doll's face, do not leave a lot of dirt. Tie up the hair, preferably with a plastic wrap, so the pigment doesn't fall into the hair.

The real sex doll makeup the skill to still have a lot of similarity with the real person makeup. We can first dozen foundation, then again draw out the eye socket, again the eye or the eyebrow first draw out, also want to draw out the mouth outline.

After we finish these basic actions, we will give the basic color of the eyes. After all, it is very important to know the color of the eyes, because the doll with bright eyes will make us feel more lovely. After slightly deepening the eyebrows, or to the lip color, then we also need to use foundation, the doll's chin or to let to deepen, this looks more lovely.

Of course, some people like to draw patterns on the doll's forehead, which will make it look better. So the real doll makeup skills are not difficult, as long as we pay more attention, can master.
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