Sex dolls may be surfacing in recent controversy, but they are certainly not new. In the 16th century, French and Spanish sailors carried so-called dames de voyage, made of old clothes, to help with sexual solitude. You are now able to create, customize, and interact with the dolls almost like you would a real woman. So, what do you think? 

When most people think of sexual technology , they think of lifelike sex robots, 3D pornography and automatic blowjob machines. Now, technological developments have replaced such rudimentary dolls, creating dummies with human muscle movements, synthetic voices and other astonishing AI capabilities, in the creation of sex robots. Those improvements in technology would also fuel greater demand.

A sex robot brothel has opened in Japan and is set to introduce male life size sex doll following a surge in men wanting bisexual threesomes. It follows previous openings at spots including Russia, Spain, and Italy. And commenting on the new brothel opening, the manufacturer think usage will surge as sexual technology prospers.

Sex robots are projected to become a multi-billion dollar industry and while some of them cost thousands of dollars we might start to see them get cheaper. They can have conversations with users, skin feels like real skin, and that it can sense touch. And they has five different personalities you can cycle between.
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