When your doll arrives, you will be very happy. You can barely contain your excitement when you see the box on your porch.  All your thoughts are on the box, and even more, what's inside of it. How do you use the Sex Doll ? You might have no ideas about where to start, but don't worry, we'll list everything that you need to know how to use a sex doll.

Carefully transport the package to a room in your home with lots of floor space. Most real life size dolls being used weight between 50 and 70 pounds plus all the packaging weight! Your fully packaged sex doll could possibly weigh up to 80 pounds when she arrives. 

Open the package along the seams with a box cutter, knife, etc. Be careful not to go too deep with the knife as you don't want to risk cutting your new favorite sex partner. Now that your new sex doll is ready to be taken out of her box you don't want to smudge or mark her pristine skin with your dirty hands! Wash your mitts thoroughly before touching the sex doll.  

Often times accessories will be included in the package like wig, a sexy Lingerie, and cleaning tools. Remove all of these things from the box and set them aside.  

Install the doll's head:
Stuff need to be prepared: a cylinder connector, a pair of gloves, a doll's head, a doll's body, a sofa chair.
First, hold the head on your hand and insert the connector to the head screw up clockwise in 3 laps. Second, align the other side of the connector with the threaded pipe inside the neck and spin clockwise in 4 laps.

Attach the head to your new sex doll and put on the wig. Hold the bangs with your left hand and carefully stretch the wig over the scalp from front to back with your right hand. Then gently pull and adjust the fit over the head. There is a clip at the back of the wig to help the fixation.

Never have sex with your sex doll without plenty of lubricants ( preferably plenty of it ) . It isn't comfortable to have sex with your doll “dry,” without lubricant, and you won't enjoy the experience. Perhaps more importantly, however, using your sex doll without lubricant could damage her synthetic flesh. Over time, that could lead to a shorter useful life for your sex doll. 

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