If you want to get comfortable enjoyment from the realistic sex doll, of course the requirements for the material are relatively high. In recent years, doll processing and design technology has been continuously advanced and developed, and the discovery of various new materials has also made up for the lack of feeling in the past. Speaking of materials, silica gel is naturally the best. Silica gel gives people a more delicate feeling, more similar to the touch of real people, and can stimulate emotional needs.

1. Choose the material of the doll

Generally speaking, the current reality dolls on the market are made of TPE, while silicone sex dolls have a more realistic appearance and touch. The disadvantage is that it feels more like a real person without TPE.

2. Choose the appearance of the doll

The appearance of sex dolls has always attracted much attention, and the appearance of real people that cannot be achieved in reality can be realized by sex dolls. For example, the figure reaches the golden ratio, big eyes, full breasts, etc., all of which can be achieved on a sex doll, and the simulation is very high.

3. The dress of the doll

Choose doll clothes according to personal preference, from traditional nurse clothes, school clothes, simple styles, luxurious styles, etc. can bring us different feelings. 

4. The choice of sex doll depends on the workmanship. The exquisite workmanship of the sex doll is mainly reflected in the connection, such as whether the connection between the torso and the body is natural, whether the facial features and the details of the finger lights are realistic. "Full body, feel real" This is a requirement of many people for dolls, and these are also guaranteed by meticulous workmanship.

Choosing a sex doll depends not only on personal preferences, but also on the quality of the product. It feels real, and the appearance is 1:1 with real people. Such a doll is worth choosing.

The design of the sex doll determines whether it can meet the needs of users, whether it is the design of the facial features or the design of the limbs, it is about the golden ratio. As users demand for sex dolls, there are more and more styles in design, such as loli type, royal sister type and next-door sister type, etc. You can choose according to your own preferences when choosing. Who is fine, whether the limbs are flexible.

The function of the sex doll is also where users need it, which can be considered when choosing. Over the years, the functional design of sex dolls has changed quite a lot, such as the sound and body temperature are all newly added designs. Of course, there are some other functions, you can consider yourself when choosing to see if it meets your needs and choose high-quality dolls.

Pay attention to these characteristics of sex dolls, help you choose attractive love dolls