TPE is a composite silicone material. Since TPE contains silicone oil, oil will appear after the silicone product is placed for a long time. This is also normal. You can wipe it with a clean towel or apply talcum powder. When the oil is left for a long time, there will be a little dust or dirt on the skin surface, so in order to keep the surface of the silicone doll clean, please clean and maintain the doll every once in a while. At least the maintenance period varies from environment to environment. Our recommendation is to maintain it every one or two months.

The following are the detailed steps for TPE sex doll maintenance.

You can use a towel or sponge cloth dipped in warm water to gently wipe the skin surface of the physical doll. If the skin is stained, you can also wipe it with soap water several times. Please remember not to apply forcefully.

The cleaning agent can choose mild detergent such as soap and shower gel. Do not use those corrosive detergents, including strong acid, strong alkaline solution, strong disinfectant and detergent.

After washing, wait until the skin surface is completely dry before applying talcum powder or talcum powder to the skin surface of the doll.

Keep the silicone material away from sharp objects, and the water temperature should not be too high when cleaning, do not expose to the sun, fire, SM, do difficult yoga movements, and do not wear clothes that can fade.

Do not leave the love doll in direct sunlight for a long time to avoid aging of the material and shorten the service life.

If indentation appears due to prolonged squeezing of the surface of the doll, a hot towel can be used to apply heat for a period of time.

It cannot be put together with substances containing ink, such as newspapers and magazines. Avoid placing it with dark clothing or leather fabrics containing oil-soluble pigments to avoid contamination of the doll. Choose light-colored clothing as much as possible. For dark-colored clothing, it is best to have white clothing as a primer. Avoid wearing color-fading or dark-colored clothing. It should not be placed with materials containing ink, such as newspapers and magazines, and avoid oil-soluble pigments. Put dark clothing or leather fabrics together to avoid contamination of the doll.

The posture of the doll is straight when it leaves the factory, and the doll should not be placed in a difficult bending posture for a long time, so as to avoid deformation and damage to the rubber material for a long time due to pulling.

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