Tpe sex dolls are mainly made of bone and tpe. The skeleton is mostly made of steel or composite metal. The difference is that the material is made of steel or composite metal, and the manufacturing technology includes full mechanical processing and flexibility of the skeleton joints.

Realistic sex doll bones generally have 14 movable joints, namely neck joints, shoulder joints, double elbow joints, hands wrist joints, waist joints, double hip joints, double knee joints, double ankle joints, etc. The fingers are also made of metal The silk makes a phalanx that can be bent in all directions. The standing version will have 3 screws on the sole of the foot to connect with the bones of the sole. When the real doll stands up, the screw caps of the soles of the feet will touch the ground to support the body weight. The standing function is a favorite of photographers. The design of these movable joints is very close to the range of motion of real people

Real dolls have a built-in metal skeleton, and the range of physical activities is similar to that of real people, but the outside of the skeleton is made of silicone or TPE material. It feels softer and close to the flesh of real human skin, but it is also as fragile as real human skin. Sharp tools such as knives and scissors should also be kept away.

Realistic sex dolls are simulated dolls made of silicone materials. After testing by the manufacturer, the comfortable storage position of the dolls is lying flat, which relieves the joints and surface silicone skin, and will not tear due to long-term stretching or wrinkles due to long-term bending. For example, if the reality doll sits for a long time, her abdomen will be at risk of being pressed out. Moreover, long-term storage in an abnormal state will increase the fracture of the sponge layer inside the doll. Therefore, it is recommended to put the doll in a lying position when not in use, and pad it with a soft, non-fading material on the back. This will extend her use time.

Tpe Sex Dolls' Maintenance 01- Eyelash
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