The material of the silicone sex doll is silica gel, which is relatively elastic and soft. The color does not change much from that of a real person, and the surface is very smooth. Inferior dolls are inferior in all aspects, which can be seen by comparison with the naked eye.

Good sex doll have a faint fragrance, but some don't. Inferior dolls have a gluey smell when you smell them, and some dolls have a particularly strong smell.

Frequentely use will not cause any problems. Inferior ones cannot be used once or several times.

Good real dolls are made of non-toxic and odorless silica gel, with a long service life and no negative effects on the human body. Some inferior dolls are made of ordinary plastic, which is harmful to the human body and can cause side effects in serious cases. We must see whether its shape is the shape we like when we choose it, or its texture, whether it is what we want, if it can meet the needs of this area, then we can choose and buy a formal enterprise , They can guarantee the quality and safety of the product, we can rest assured, as for the styling, we can also buy some related clothes, so that we can change some clothes according to our mood.

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